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EBBC14 - Day 1, warm up...

... or how I first came across the Irish Charm 7 AM. I wake up in a strange bed, after a night in which my body rested, but my mind wouldn't stop spinning. It had been a hard week, indeed, but 5 hours seemed more than enough, specially since I wanted to make my trip to Dublin worth it. I got out of bed, showered and put some clothes on according to the dress code reported at the pre-con packet that I had received from the European Beer Bloggers Conference organisation 2 weeks before. I went to the hostel's Café to have my breakfast, consisting of toasts, jam, muesli and tea. In line with what I generally eat when travelling. When my belly was satisfied, I got my laptop and structured my first day in Dublin: some wandering around the southern part of the Liffey River and early registration at The Church, HQ of this 2014 EBBC. I then took a last glimpse at the day's agenda, chatted briefly with Mrs. Birraire, checked the social networks and wrote a couple of emails.

EBBC14 - Day 0...

Or how I wearily woke up in two different foreign countries on the same day. (Disclaimer: This one post is more like a personal introduction. There's not going to be much beer talk... so you can skip it if you don't feel like reading it. No reproaches). Last Thursday I woke up utterly exhausted. It had been a tough week so far, and I only managed to sleep 3 hours that night thanks to just another ridiculously long workday. The launch of this English version of my regular blog might have helped too: a premiere is something special, and there's always adjustments to be made. I went to the shower and realised that for whatever reason I was humming Suburbia , by the Pet Shop Boys. Sure, I could have felt like picking a club and destroying a couple of things, if it wasn't for my numb body (although if you ask me, I think it meant something more profound*). Lucky enough, my mind was crystal clear, which came in handy for that long day ahead.