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New looks

The looks of the blog, until today. A facelift was required. With this post today, I launch the new design of Birraire . Taking advantage of Blogger's new templates, launched in March 2017, I finally found a satisfactory balance between modernity, functionality and speed. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but it will allow me to focus on content, which in the end shall be the relevant stuff for a blogger. "Few changes had been made since its inception, and the beer scene and my involvement in it have really changed" The redesign has also served as a means to clean up unnecessary archaic elements, as well as to sort the content in a new set of static pages . On the menu above, you can find some key aspects that I had neglected until now, such as a contact page -which some of you actually made me notice in numerous occasions-. Indeed, the blog had not changed substantially since it was registered at the end of 2010 as a simple pastime. And both the be