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Barcelona Beer Festival 2017 - Activities

La Farga, a spacious and well-equipped venue for BBF 2017 5 days left! The sixth edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival is very close, and the whole organisation team is very busy with the late details to ensure that everything goes well again. The change of location adds an extra layer of difficulty, as it requires us to change the mental comfort of knowing the terrain beforehand and adapt to a new space: La Farga del Hospitalet . It is undoubtedly an ideal venue for the BBF thanks to the many additional facilities that we can offer to our public , specially an increase on capacity and the comfort associated with a place that was designed for large events –e.g. toilets, air-conditioning. But today there is something else to talk about. Less than a week away from hearing the bell tirelessly ringing whenever a new keg is tapped, it is high time for me to present the Parallel Activities Grid of the 2017 Barcelona Beer Festival here in the English version of the blog. "