Contact with Birraire

Should you have any question, suggestion or anything to tell me do not hesitate to send me an email. Nor if you want to make me some kind of proposal: although I do not actively seek it, I am always open to listen and collaborate with interesting projects.

I have lead beer tastings and food pairings for groups, presentations and monographs in different events; I have also advised restaurants and bars to create a proper beer menu for their customers, and even to some beer fairs in a variety of matters. And, of course, I have also written and translated texts professionally. We can work together.

Diffusion / Events / Samples

If you want to send me general information, press releases or notify me about an event, you can also write me in the above-mentioned address. Just remember that this blog is not a bulletin board, and that personal and friendly treatment favours attention and empathy with the message and its issuer.

Product samples are always welcome. If you want to agree terms different from those detailed below, please make it clear in the communications.

General Terms for Samples

  • My only commitment is to give sincere, private feedback on the products provided -in case it is requested-.
  • To publish images and brief impressions on social networks, or writing posts in the blog or other media, there should be something I consider worth commenting about them.
  • Any publication that appears in the blog related to free samples will be accompanied by a transparency disclaimer to indicate such circumstance.

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