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At Home #1 - On trends and styles

With the present post I start a series - At Home -, with no determined duration or periodicity, with the will to write a bit more during this period of confinement due to Covid-19, while sharing some reflections that come to mind when I drink certain beers . The intention is that it serves as a quick read, to stimulate ideas, without becoming a compilation of extensive tasting notes, or leading to long musings. And, of course, with the aim of encouraging local beer consumption in these difficult times for our breweries. Let's go. After confirming the confinement, quickly seeing the implications that it would have for the industry, one of the first things I did was ordering beer from La Pirata , one of the most strictly local breweries, being just a few kilometers from my home. No need to introduce these guys at this point, being one of the most popular breweries in the country, with wide and well-deserved recognition outside our borders. The unquestionable quality and soundn

Self-identity - Views on the outcome of the BBC 2020

The celebration of the Barcelona Beer Challenge - hereinafter BBC - awards ceremony , which until now had always been held during the weekend of the Barcelona Beer Festival, took place this past Wednesday and Thursday remotely, through YouTube Live, in response to the confinement limitations due to Covid-19. Beyond the impact of the BBC at an international level, the relevance of this event for our industry, at national level, is undeniable. That is why I wanted to take the opportunity to sleep very few hours last night and make some reflections on the results . Let's go there.

Positive thinking - The three beers you wish to drink

In these days of confinement I receive constant messages about how our life will be like after this situation . Leaving socio-economic and philosophical reflections aside, in terms of entertainment, some media have encouraged us to let our imagination loose and think, individually, what is the first thing we will do after spending a good number of weeks locked up at home. From throwing uncontrolled parties and drying up bars, to visiting friends and family, craving after kisses and hugs. There are answers for all tastes. I think as I write but, in line with my calm disposition, I believe that my first day after confinement will be just like any other day : I am going to do just what I have to do. An ordinary day, only considering the fact that after a long time there will be no limit to my mobility, which will give me more possibilities. I guess I'll just work, and if I have some spare time I will spend it walking in the mountains. I am pure fun.