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The Shelf #1 - Tasting Beer

You drink beer for the first time. Still young, you do not like it. But as time passes you get used to it, becoming a regular drinker without even realising it. Then one day you discover that there is a greater variety of beer than what you thought, and begin to try different brands; some of which you get you excited. In those moments, you feel that beer is a defining feature of your person. But suddenly you visit a site, sample a beer or talk to a person. And one, or more, of these factors lead you to a sudden turning point in your path as a beer aficionado. Suddenly you realise that you actually do not know anything about your favorite drink, discovering its unattainable gastronomic and social magnitude. "Fortunate enough, my first beer book was this great reference"

Little by little...

Tomorrow, Friday 22 April 2016, a new issue of Cuina magazine hits newsstands with a completely new look, as well as a new approach to content to suit the gastronomic reality of the moment. This is certainly a cause for joy for its broad base of readers and subscribers, among whom I count myself since 2009, and for the entire team of professionals who make possible, every month, the existence of this great example of gastronomic dissemination in Catalonia . “In this new sub-project, I want to write about beer from a more accessible perspective”

It is about the beer...

BBF has long gone by. And it is a month later that I am about to return to the normal state of things here on the blog. Year after year, depletion and accumulation of other tasks prevents this return to the regular publication of content to be fluid. Plus this year there have also been countless small and not-so-small parallel initiatives that have kept me quite busy, some of which I hope to announce soon. But beyond that, one of the most decisive factors each year is the emotional supersaturation . "It fascinates me to meet passionate people whose motivation, above all, is their love for beer and its various expressions"


There have been lots of written comments and discussions about mergers and acquisitions of microbreweries by the industry giants lately. It is still too early to assess whether, in the long term, this recent phenomenon will favour or go against the interests of each one of us. There is one thing we can declare, though: the trend has not reversed. At all. "Two years ago, Nómada regarded their not having own premises as a hallmark of freedom" Some locals consider the industry matters that happen in other countries and beer scenes as a distant debate: be it for magnitude, technical development or geography. However, the fact is that the interconnections with other areas and cultures are many today. For instance, we have already seen our first local Fruit IPAs, one of the current beer trends in the United States. And there are more to come. Another example? A freshly-baked one for you. Just yesterday, an open secret was officially confirmed : Nómada Brewing C