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Retrospection and new experiences

My first two beer books, the beginning of a journey. One of the nice things about getting involved with the beer industry over the last ten years is being able to observe the past with the perspective of time . I still can remember the mystery surrounding the brewing process and the sensory profile of certain beers, the creators of which I know personally today. I can even say that some of them are my friends. I also recall the admiration I felt for certain authors, whose publications gave me knowledge and inspired me to write. During these years, I have had beers with several of them, getting to collaborate with them in various matters, in some cases. Festivals? From the initial uncertainty of getting there by yourself the first time, without knowing exactly what to expect, to feel more than comfortable attending them. And, finally, to have gotten involved in the organisation of some. "After this new experience, I will have a more solid opinion on the basis of the sc