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The Session #96: Roundup

It is high time the RoundUp was posted. I was asked for a little additional time, but I think 2 weeks is more than enough, so here we go with the brief summary of each of the contributions posted by beer bloggers from all around the globe. Before that, I just wanted to express my gratitude to every article published. It has given me a fantastic view on how Beer Festivals are lived by beer enthusiasts in many different countries. So the main prospect why I wanted to host the 96th Session has been satisfied. A priori one could have easily predicted that drinkers from countries with a time-honoured brewing tradition would be less excited than the ones living in places that until recently had almost no beer offer at all. But borrowing Stan's words " context always matters ", and it has been a great occasion to learn about different cultures and individual thoughts.

The Session #96 - Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination?

Today's  Beer Blogging Friday , so it's time to post my contribution for The Session, an initiative by Stan Hieronymus from Appellation Beer . The current one is the 96th edition, the third one in which I take part. You can check out my past sessions here . This time is a bit more special for me, as I am the one hosting the current call. I had attended two different Welsh beer festivals during the summer, and after my vacation I was pondering about the role that these events play on different beer scenes. It was quite clear that it was not the same in Swansea than in Barcelona, but then again even the two festivals I attended while in the UK had a completely different approach. So I decided to write an email to Jay and Stan to suggest a topic for The Session of February 2015: " Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination? ".