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It feels good to hit the 'publish' button again after an uneventful period. Despite a remarkably active start this year, I suppose that I was finally caught up in the depression and standstill inherent in the sector given the current social and economic situation, as well as the burden associated with my own work and family commitments, which have also undergone notable changes in this fateful year 2020. The thing is that despite the fact that my main job is pure dynamism and adaptation to constant change, I have a high sensitivity to routine changes, the effects of which I do not transfer to my professional field, but which do affect me personally in the organisation of my free time. In this sense, the huge change that COVID-19 has meant has been painful for me to process. But by resorting to self-observation I have finally been able to unblock body and mind to be able to concentrate on carrying out certain pending projects, such as the book that I am working on, and that I h