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6. Wroclawski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa

The day's arrived, and early today I fly to Wroclaw (Poland) to attend one of the most massive beer festivals in Europe: the  Wroclawski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa , or Wroclaw Good Beer Festival. It's a great oportunity to learn about a beer scene that you seldom hear or read something about, not only about their beers but also about the general development of the industry. As for beers, I've known  Zywiec  (specially their Porter) for quite a long time. Lately, some new Polish brews have appeared in our shops and bars, as well as on tap during the last edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival. We are mostly talking about Browar Ninkasi , but specially about Browar Pinta , a brewery that has won some local drinkers' palate lately with their reproduction of the most varied styles.


Every year has its special moments. Some are totally connected to a specific year: a good friend's wedding, small or big achievements by close people, that special trip you had long been anticipating, or other instants that come across you without further notice. Some might even mark an important life turning point. But there's also those recurring moments that happen during a short or long period of years. This weekend I had one of those. In such occasions one decides to throw a celebration: a big time party, a simple and discreet moment of joy, or it could even be just that intimate thought that accompanies you all day, resulting from your sentimental and intellectual trajectory. I chose every single possible way. On Friday, I turned 32 and decided to celebrate it with work colleagues at the office, with a nice lunch and relaxed afternoon with my wife, and with fellow beer drinkers at night, in Gràcia (Barcelona). Also, during the weekend I have had the opportunity to

On first reactions...

I meet my sister in a family reunion after her last trip to Japan. I see that she's carrying a bag with two beer bottles, and I feel a mix of excitement and fear: two easy-to-find beers like Sapporo or Kirin could have travelled 15 long hours by plane to be barely enjoyed by an ungrateful beery soul. Then I realise I kind of know the beers, but not quite. My little japanese souvenir consists of a Grand Kirin  and a  Grand Kirin Hop Fruity . Doubtlessly, a response by the Asiatic giant to the new trend of beers that has also docked in that faraway island. With loads of curiosity, after some time I proceed to taste them. Both beers come in these odd small and wide bottles, with a broad top that lets the beer almost fall out of it when you pour it. The only decipherable words on the label highlight concepts like "speciality", "premium", "pride", "passion" or "craftmanship". Nothing out of the shamefully ordinary. I think that co