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Not just another beer pairing session...

Some weeks you feel like a truck has run you over. I guess last friday I felt this way, and that's why I was hoping for 7:30 PM to arrive. No external factor, nor even the almost impossible mission to park a car in a neighbourhood like Gràcia, was going to prevent me from having a great time at the first BeerStorming, an event organised in Barcelona by my mates from  BrewHome . I reached the place with some spare time. Last preparations and the attendees, most of them gastro-bloggers, were called in to grab a sit. Two long tables were perfectly set with 4 half pint glasses for each person, along with a collection of small glass containers with the same malts and hops used to brew the beers that we were about to taste. All in a nice, cozy room with some homebrewing machinery and materials, red brickwork and wooden furniture. Great setup for an event that won our sympathy from the very beggining.

The Session #93: Beer travel...

With this post I join my first Session (or Beer Blogging Friday), an initiative born in March 2007 on Appellation Beer's blog, by Stan Hieronymus. As you all may know, it all consists on a beer blogger hosting an event in which all the others are called to post about some specific topic, the first friday of each month. The current call is kindly hosted by Brian and Maria, from The Roaming Pint , and  invites us to talk about Beer Travel. Before giving an answer to the various questions laid out by the organisers, I'd like to make a terminological specification. Unfortunately, the availability of cash and time prevents me from travelling as much as I'd like to. Moreover, I'm a happily married man, and Mrs. Birraire is a lovely lady who just tolerates and seems to have a certain degree of liking for beer (i.e. she's far from being a beer geek... thankfully). Accordingly, I haven't had neither the opportunity nor the guts to plan a Beer Trip stricto sensu . S