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7 Tweets Post #1

Yesterday at @FiraCervesaSbd I was talking with a brewer about this new beer. Presumably, another IPA. Hops were fresh, as they not seldom are from some time to now. Nothing outstanding about its malts, neither. Along these lines, I suppose yeast was just a commercial American Ale style. But that brew shined somehow: clean nose and palate; a very well done beer. Its secret was just water: 6 months spent reading and learning more about it to obtain a great result. Is water then responsible for the fact that many local "craft" brews have that permanent amateurish touch? A.J. deLange stated that "as brewers progress in their careers, they learn quite a bit about malt, hops and yeast before acquiring a similar level of knowledge about water". Our beers are improving more and more each day; if we keep working we are unstoppable.

Pubs in North-West Wales - The Black Boy Inn

Last summer I could once more enjoy everything that my beloved Wales has to offer. Gastronomy, dramatic landscapes, hikes, castles... as well as lots of pubs in which to recharge my batteries while meeting some interesting local people and learning about their culture and life experiences. The intention behind this post series is to review every pub we visited, whether they were top-notch or just average, describing what was special about them. In this sense, the CAMRA Good Beer Guide was an invaluable companion to lead my way to the best places: an authentic vade mecum on British beer. To begin with, let's talk about the first of the long list of pubs in which we drank lovely cask ales during our trip. We are now headed to the north-western part of this little and charming Celtic country.