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Article by Mikel Rius - Director of the Barcelona Beer Festival Translation from Spanish by Joan Villar-i-Martí Three out of three. We have had the privilege of living the three editions of the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival , the last of which just a few days ago. Again, it has been a success in terms of attendees, participants and, above all, dissemination of beer culture. The festival is organised by local brewery Hof ten Dormaal, the Janssens family , which brings the concept of hospitality to an extraordinary level, making all the participating brewers feel literally at home. Every year, the Janssens select fifteen breweries under an Innovation criterion, gathering an impressive constellation of brewers in the old factory of Stella Artois - De Hoorn -.

On eagerness

There has been lots of writing and talking around the Mostra de Cervesa Artesana de Mediona , one of our oldest beer festivals. Not only for its twelve editions, but also because many of the attendees from all over this time regard it as a very special event. The Annual Celebration for local beer lovers. I have previously published several texts on it. The magic of Mediona is, in fact, difficult to explain if you don't experience it yourself, and it is something that gets you hooked: something that makes many people want to experience it edition after edition. This year, the wedding of a good friend collided frontally with the appointment that is reserved earlier in my calendar each year. After the initial moan, I thought I would take the opportunity to live Mediona in an alternative way : looking for its magic in the previous day. Trying to understand what makes it so special. "We all carry a bit of Mediona inside of us"

Knowing the territory...

At this point I cannot speak of 'pleasant surprise', but it was nice to find once again a remarkable selection of local beer in my trips around the territory. From bars to restaurants, even also in hostels and hotels, the frequency with which one can find good beer, produced a few kilometers away by small brewers, is certainly good news for consumers. A sign that we are doing things right . Something that concerns the brewing establishment, as our industry news shows us lately. “CTretze is a great example of how important is local produce, and to know the territory”

Mediterranean post-truth

Oxford University Press awarded it as the Word of the Year 2016. Indeed, since last year ' post-truth ' has entered our lives, being a popular word to be found in press, gatherings and all kinds of conversations. Many people use it, but anywa y let's see what they say about it in the Oxford dictionary: ‘ Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief ’