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To innovate...

Innovation has been so far one of the engines that have allowed the increasing shift of the beer scene in many countries. A change that has certainly found an inspiration in American "craft" breweries, but that has been giving very good results to consumers of beer so far in Europe, especially in emerging markets like ours. For the present occasion, I am about to describe briefly the impressions I had while drinking the beers of three different breweries that since their inception, although in different points of time, have clearly opted for innovation. To explore, each one in its own way, the limits of beer and the interpretation of its styles.

The Session #106 - Holiday Beers

 Back to The Session . This time the host is Jay Brooks, from this Brookston Beer Bulletin , who reaches his "mostest favorite" time of the year for seasonal beers and hence proposes to write about "Holiday Beers". So here we go. Christmas holidays, that time of year when for some strange reason all local hopheads rush to buy and drink, for a few days, malty, alcoholic beer, with ginger, and even star anise. Yes my friends, star anise. The great power of marketing . But today's post is not intended to be another protest . Otherwise, my intention is to take a brief look at the short, young, and yet so distant history of our local Christmas beers . "Until 2011, just four different Christmas beers were produced by local microbrewers"  

Things we can learn from wine...

It was at the birthday celebration of Xavi Serra, manager at Cervesa Guineu , that I met Jesus Díaz Meco, sales representative of Caves Nadal , a family business that produces wines and sparkling wines in the small village of Torrelavit (Alt Penedès). After having a good time eating and drinking, for once, wine instead of beer, Jesús was kind enough to invite me to an annual celebration that is held in the property of Nadal: Tastos i Maridatges 2015 ( Tastings and Pairings ). It was a great event. Both white wines and sparkling wines were lovely. Plus, the event was a real treat for the good organisation, the delicious food available and the privileged environment provided by the courtyard of the property.     "We lack specialty, but above all we need to believe in what we're doing; and to transmit this confidence to the market"