The Session #96 - Announcement

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. (more on Brookston Beer Bulletin).

So, here we are. It was 4 months ago that I wrote Jay and Stan suggesting a topic for a future call. I was reflecting on the role played by Beer Festivals (or "Beer Fairs", as we locally call the ones with the brewers serving their own beer) here in Barcelona and thought it would be interesting to know other people's point of view on the matter. Time's flown since then, and now I find myself happily hosting my first Session. But let's get to it.

The discussion at hand is "Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination?". I guess it is pretty much clear, but apart from exposing whether the answer is A, B or C (the latter being "it depends") I expect participants to give us some insight into their local beer scene to better understand the importance or irrelevance of Festivals in each area. My guess is that it can be quite different depending on the popularity of beer in different countries and cultures.

To participate in the current Session just write a comment down here with a link to the article on -or before- February 6th, so that I can include it on my Round Up.

Salut i birra!


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    1. Great to have a Belgian contributor to this Session :-). Cheers Jo!

    2. Here you go, mate!

  2. I'm in as well. Not sure if the dates will be in line with what I may have overheard, but I may be at Birrasana this year as well!

  3. Thanks Brett. The dates will soon be announced through Birrasana's profile on Facebook, so make sure you check it. And if you're coming over please give a holler so that we can chat over a few pints :-).

  4. It's a little early, but here's mine:

    1. Thanks Dan, I'll read it later and start summarising for the roundup. Cheers!

  5. Here's my one:

  6. My Session post is up, it's a topic I've wanted to write on for a while.

    Ironically, i'm off to the SF Beer Week Opening Gala today. Cheers! Thanks for hosting!

  7. Here is my entry to The Session #96.

  8. Tried my best in the 25 minutes I had available. Oh well.

    Beer Festivals - What Are They For?

  9. Thanks to everyone for your contributions. Some people has told me that they'll be posting very soon, so I'll leave some extra-time for the Roundup, which I expect to publish next Friday (13th). Cheers!


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