Curated reads #2

It was one week ago that we ended May, a month that will be especially remembered for the news -made public through a message in Beer Advocate- of the merger between two pioneering companies, symbols of American independent craft brewing: Boston Beer Company and Dogfish Head. With the large brewing multinationals unleashed, it is undoubtedly a defensive movement that, without knowing any details of the operation, seems to be beneficial for both parties: image for some, channeling for the others.

The conversation around this piece of news was mostly focused on social networks, and little outstanding content was published in blogs and other specialised media. Hence, and with a little delay, let me share with you four reads that were attractive to me during this past month that deal with topics different from the industry's outstanding novelty.
And so far the selection of this fifth month of 2019, which as usual I hope you find interesting. Happy reading!

Salut i birra!


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