Positive thinking - The three beers you wish to drink

In these days of confinement I receive constant messages about how our life will be like after this situation. Leaving socio-economic and philosophical reflections aside, in terms of entertainment, some media have encouraged us to let our imagination loose and think, individually, what is the first thing we will do after spending a good number of weeks locked up at home.

From throwing uncontrolled parties and drying up bars, to visiting friends and family, craving after kisses and hugs. There are answers for all tastes. I think as I write but, in line with my calm disposition, I believe that my first day after confinement will be just like any other day: I am going to do just what I have to do. An ordinary day, only considering the fact that after a long time there will be no limit to my mobility, which will give me more possibilities. I guess I'll just work, and if I have some spare time I will spend it walking in the mountains. I am pure fun.

But let's take a beer twist to the game, in an attempt to encourage positive thinking in times like the present. I extend the following question, which I am about to answer below, to whoever feels like giving an answer to it:

Which are the three beers you wish to drink when this is all over? 

The first one is easy. I will go down to the village square with my wife and daughter, I will sit on the terrace of the bar that is open or has some room, joining a table that has already set up or taking chairs while waiting for friends and colleagues to arrive. And I will drink whatever is on offer, while I watch my daughter enjoy her time with friends. What beer will it be? It is the least important detail, truth being said, but depending on the bar it will either be a Guineu IPA Amarillo, a Complot IPA by Damm or a Moritz Epidor.

Going a little further, I will go to Manresa to visit my local, La Taverna dels Predicadors. Once there, as every single time, I will head to the bar to greet Èric and Sandra Prenyanosa, I will study the blackboard and decide what to drink depending on what I feel like. A probable choice is La Predicadora, the house beer, made in Refu Birreria, or something by La Pirata. I will take my pint glass to the lower floor, where I will sit down, take out the book that I will then be reading and slowly savour the pleasure of the moment.

Finally, at the first chance I get, I will book a table at the restaurant El Racó d'en Cesc, to continue the tradition of recent years of celebrating Sant Jordi eating there with my wife. If something is clear is that we will not drink just a single beer, and that every one that we take will perfectly match the delicious food we will be served. But to know the specific beers, you will have to ask Edgar Rodríguez, whose advice we will follow in our decision. There must be very few restaurants out there where you can ask the sommelier to choose your beer for what you are going to eat (getting it right every time).


And so far, my imagination and positivity. So, which are your three beers?

Salut i birra!


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