Back of the Closet - May 2020, #BotCW confinement edition

In the current situation of confinement, a social recovery of old habits has been observed in different areas: from cooking certain foods at home to the production of all kinds of handicrafts or DIY jobs, as well as a reinforced feeling of community, which would be great if we managed to extend beyond this period of seclusion.

Along these same lines, I have being following with interest a timid but jolly resurgence of beer blogging, with the comeback of presumably deceased blogs, or a higher frequency of publication in some others.

Nobody asked for it -or maybe they did-, but following this trend of recovering customs and traditions, I am preparing to retrieve a small institution from the Spanish beer blogosphere of yesteryear. So let us give way to the confinement edition of the Back of the Closet Weekend, the BotCW -originally FFdA, for its acronym in Spanish-.

What is it?

The BotCW is a collective virtual event consisting of taking out beers that, for one reason or another, be it accidental or voluntary, have been waiting for their moment in the depths of our closets or cellars for some time. Once drunk, impressions are shared in posts via social media or blogs.

How does it work?
  • To participate: just choose one or several vintage -or directly old- beer and publish the experience through social networks and / or blog posts.
  • Dates: the weekend of May 22-24, 2020.
  • Content: free, whether through text, image, audio and / or video. Interesting aspects to highlight can be the main characteristics and sensory profile of the beer, how long it has been kept, whether the storage was deliberate or accidental, where it was purchased, or the context in which it is drunk.
  • Summary post: on May 29 June 1 I will publish a summary entry, highlighting data on participation and those publications that I liked the most in terms of text -or multimedia content-, photography or global experience -e.g. originality, beers, context-.

Please let me know about your participation by commenting below, tagging me in your posts, or by using the hashtag #BotCW.


I hope you feel like joining in, so that we can fill the internet together with vintage beer while emptying our closets.

Salut i birra!


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