Birraire Podcast - Round Table of the Barcelona Beer Festival 2022

Photo by Dani Ruiz (CerveTV)

As a part of the X Barcelona Beer Festival, held on October 14, 15 and 16 at La Farga de l'Hospitalet, a new Round Table session was organised to continue with the time-honoured tradition of -almost- every edition of the festival.

A very topical topic: wild fermentation. For this, the invited speakers were some of the bestexponents of our local scene: Montse Virgili and Carlos Rodríguez -Ales Agullons-, Guillem de Lorenzo -Santa Pau Ales-, Quiònia Pujol -Lo Vilot-, Marc Baulida -La Calavera-, Dani Ruiz -La Salvatge- and Aleix Puig -Màger-. For the understanding of all those present at the session, it was held in Spanish.

Please note that the session is incomplete, cut short right when the questions from the attendees begin. The reason is that, unfortunately, the recorder's battery ran out; modern problems. However, the recording includes an hour and twenty minutes of truly interesting content: an easy task for the moderator -myself-, given the high level of the speakers.

I would like to thank Dani Ruiz for the handover of the audio for its publication, as well as Beer Events for the authorisation to disseminate this content created for the tenth BBF.

Let this launch be a pilot test of the Podcast project that I have been pondering on for years: a forum to talk about beer, looking for a similar line to the one offered, year after year, by the cycle of symposiums of the Barcelona Beer Festival. Focusing the absolute protagonism on the stories and the people behind each craft beer that we can enjoy today. If everything runs smoothly, I hope to be able to give more details soon.

Salut i birra!


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