A differential factor...

The other day I received a remarkably big shipment, corresponding to my reward for contributing to the crowdfunding project organised by Cervesa Montseny. Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, they wanted to take another step forward by presenting some of their beers canned, and to finance the whole thing they resorted to their followers. I was enjoying one Lupulus can -by the way, big change eh?- when I began pondering about everything that has happened during all this time, so that I could be at home drinking that specific variety of beer so utterly fresh; in that format that a few years before was associated with cheap, poorly tasting beer; and in a glass with a relevant symbolic charge. I took a picture, and then I started writing.

“Specialised bars make a huge mistake: moving away from local beer”

One in a hundred...

This morning, the Gremi d'Elaboradors de Cervesa Artesana i Natural de Catalunya -Union of Craft and Natural Beer Producers from Catalonia, known as GECAN- and the Barcelona Beer Festival have presented the report Estat de la Cervesa Artesana a Catalunya 2016 -State of Craft Beer in Catalonia 2016-, a study that compiles and talks about data collected from a survey of eighty-two questions, asked to 95 of the breweries in the territory. The key aspects of the report relate to the location of the companies, the production in volume and variety, the size of the businesses and the occupation generated, distribution of the sales or lines of action for the future.

"The 1% threshold has been exceeded: one of every hundred beers consumed in Catalonia is craft"

Best Beers

There are many circumstances that cause my rate of publication on the blog to be irregular: from family matters to work peaks, as well as the effective distribution of my spare time in cultural activities, sports and other projects. Today, I am pleased to present the result of a few hours devoted to this last category early this year.
The Pocket Beer Book 3rd Edition -Best Beers, in America-, by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb, was published by Mitchell Beazley -Octopus Publishing- a few weeks ago, on November 2nd. In a format that, as the title itself suggests, is indeed compact, the work includes an extensive collection of beers from more than 60 countries around the world. All of them are briefly reviewed, while those 'iconic', 'must-try' and 'to watch' breweries that a beer enthusiast can find are conveniently highlighted.

Price and specialty

When we learned of the acquisition of a stake in Nómada Brewing Co by Grupo Mahou-San Miguel, it was not difficult to imagine that a new scenario for the entire local brewing industry was about to start. As expected by some of us, it was a matter of time until we knew of further acquisitions by the big guys -La Virgen by ABI, Sagra by MolsonCoors- but possibly one of the side effects that has immediately begun to be noticeable is a decrease in the price of beer.

"Who benefits from the new margin created by the drop of wholesale prices in beer?"

A historical tick

Let's do an exercise. Let's say that we are going back 15 years in the calendar, in that time space in which Messenger was the ultimate tool to 'socialise' online, and in which the closest thing to today's smartphones were HP's iPAQs. You had tried something more than the typical Lagers thanks to Belgian and German imported beers, to be found in supermarkets and a few select bars run by genuine beer activists, as well as in pseudo-Irish pubs, some with more grace than others, who were in their peak of popularity. In this past context, think about what your response would have been to the following wording.

List, in order of priority, those five beer experiences you want to have throughout your life

Madrid 2017 - Day 2 - Embajadores & Cortes

Another good and productive day of work was preceded, again, by a more than interesting beery evening and night, visiting different bars of the city of Madrid. On this occasion, the route drawn contemplated six stops, from which one was dismissed at the very start. However, a glorious, unplanned bonus track would eventually make it to the list.

“Some of the bars visited on this second night are called to lead a paradigm shift in Madrid”

Madrid 2017 - Day 1 - Universidad

It was a hectic start of a day: by circumstances beyond my control, I lost the 7:04 AVE train from Lleida to Madrid. I had never lost it before, and at that moment it affected me symbolically. When I changed my ticket, it also affected me economically. But that first part of day was developed without further incidents, after a placid trip and a productive day of work.

The protagonism of the scene has moved south of Glorieta de Bilbao, even beyond Universidad”