Something worth celebrating...

There was no date, nor even a medium term intention. There was an obvious disagreement about the best time for it, though, It was in my previous life in Madrid when it was first brought up to me. Let's say I was not at all receptive. But a couple of months later, in the little village of Saignelégier, I jumped right in when I summoned the celebration of that same future event as a reason to convince Mrs Birraire that buying a 1.5 liters bottle of beer was completely necessary.

Effective move: after sampling some beers at the little bar of the Swiss microbrasserie, I left the premises with a nice box full of BFMs. And a smart magnum bottle of √225 Twin Porter. I was unsure whether it would be appropriate or not to wait all that time before drinking it, but I made a mental note to renegotiate the deal with my wife some months after. I couldn't wait for a little one to be born.

Some weeks after, I was joyfully drinking in another famous beer village like Mediona: it was Zwanze Day 2013, the day in which Cantillon Cureghem was simultaneously launched in 46 different locations in the globe. The reason why I spent the afternoon, and part of the night, at Masia Agullons, where I had one of those deep conversations with a good mate. A turning point, indeed: my perspective on fatherhood changed completely.

We left ourselves some reasonable time to adjust our professional and personal lifes. We also took an anticipated long trip to Wales. After that, it wasn't long before we had good news. 40 strict weeks followed, and all of a sudden the moment arrived: the fruit of our common history, the realignment of life priorities, the constant-warning mode. And the most immense happiness.

The moment, indeed, to finally uncap that bottle I bought exactly 2 years ago. I relish the complexity and spectacular balance of this "Swiss-style Porter" with just 5.5% ABV and plenty of flavour, while I look forward to the future with enthusiasm. Lots of projects ahead and great instants like this same one, to be celebrated with a beer in hand, shared with wonderful people.

And that's all for today. Miss Birraire joins the family.

Salut i birra!


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