International Stout Day 2015...

José Benedicto, a fellow beer blogger from Spain and prolific rater at Ratebeer, summons the digital beer enthusiasts once again to celebrate the International Stout Day and share our impressions of Stouts drunk in the context of this event, both through blogs and social networks. Last year I commented that I couldn't see the motivation behind this event, but in this year's official website the organisers added a short description of what is sought, supposedly being the mere fact of celebrating a popular beer style like Stout. So on November 5th I joined the party.

For me it served as a good pretext to get rid of one of those many beers I keep for a special moment. I don't think I can state if this past week has been good or bad. No shades of gray, one or zero; binary. But as I am a half-full glass fool, I finally decided to celebrate whatever good or bad, and uncap one of those beers with a special aura, better enjoyed slowly. Hence, I went to the cellar and took out a De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis, aged in Bunnahabhain Scotch whisky casks.

And what can I say about an aged H&V? Well, for example, that I acquired two years ago in Bodegraven, at the Borefts Bier Festival, for about 4€ the 33cl bottle. A price that satisfied me greatly. Or I could comment how I was surprised to find an intense peated character, as my only experience with this brand of Scotch was only with their 12 years Single Malt, which I recall very subtle. Or how like all her sisters it conquered my nose even when just pouring, and my palate with its high but pleasant alcoholic presence, and its intense dark chocolate flavour, in this case accompanied by a strong whiff of smoke, that after two years of cellaring it seemed to begin to reveal certain notes of tobacco.

Or simply that I enjoyed it much, close to my two favourite women, celebrating a rather strange week and, once again, the International Stout Day. In this changing times of ones and zeros, we must make the most of the circumstances they give rise to, and be happy with them.

Salut i birra!


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