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For many years now, I have had a mostly-humble approach to life in general. That's something that has been reproached to me as a flaw more than once, especially in the workplace. But I am stubborn apart from mostly-humble, and anyway I have also become of age and I am not planning to change the way I am. Still, the truth is that I have been inhabiting this entertaining and multi-coloured beer microcosm for a long time now, and my self-esteem has grown during this period. In fact, I'm starting to be smug about it. I don't know if you get what I mean.

"Let us all drink more beer, please"

(just in case, disclaimer: this post should be read with a strong sense of irony)
It is almost Christmas time and to a greater or lesser extent everyone feels it is their duty to pull the wool for a while, so that this celebrations of love, peache and joy can also be profitable. Beer blogs are no exception: what is the point, otherwise, to write in a public platform if nobody reads you? That is the reason why I am willing to put together a good Christmas marketing campaign, for the work I do in this blog must be recognised.

The fact is that, from an objective point of view, I actually realise that mine is an exceptional beer blog:
  • It's craft, because I design it and write it with my own hands. It's handmade! Just like our ancestors did several centuries ago, when the first Olivetti typewriter was released.
  • It's traditional, as it strictly complies with the classical methods of creating texts. I write in the same way that Shakespeare and Mark Twain did. Word after word.
  • It's pioneering, being the first beer blog to appear... at least in my town of 7,000 inhabitants. When others wanted to jump on the bandwagon, I was already there.
  • It's local, because I write from here, and because I speak about the things that happen here. And me, I'm also from here.
  • It's close to you, not only because it is local, but because you can read it on your phone, something you always have within reach. The server where the blog information is backed up is in the US, and the .com domain is provided by an American company also. But none of this matters. My blog is still 100% local.
  • It's passionate, simply because I write with passion. With love for language, and beer. Especially those beers I get for free, for the mere fact that I write in a blog.
  • It's the favourite of the readers, at least of those who only read my blog. My family also liked very much that post I read them aloud when I began blogging.
  • It is the most advanced, though I can not think exactly how to measure that; but it certainly is the most advanced. Believe me.

It is therefore for these definitive reasons, and some more, that I really begin to feel I deserve some true recognition. Indeed, one can only conclude that Birraire is the best beer blog there is. It is the most original, the most innovative; the most blog. It is the most best. Besides, it is me who have decided it, since I have the proper authority to do so, because I know what I speak of.
And the winner is...
It has just been stated that I have solid arguments. Whoever denies such evidence is because it has personal grudges against me. Or straightforward envy.

Have I not been convincing enough? Well, I'll send the press release shortly so that you share this important information with all of your contacts.

To the most most and the least least, let us all drink more beer, please.


Salut i birra!


  1. Must be hard, drinking beer with your tongue so firmly inserted into your cheek ;)

    1. It certainly is... Reason why I'm not very talkative when drinking beer :-)


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