Madrid 2017 - Intro

I had been looking for the opportunity to return for a long time, and that moment came no more than the last few days before enjoying a three week vacation. With my women already having fun in the heat of summer, on the beach, the incentive to get back home at night was clearly smaller, so I set my professional agenda to spend four days and three nights in the capital of Spain.

"It may look the same, but beerwise Madrid has changed forever"

Oh, Madrid. I had not visited it with a decent amount of free time since the faraway 2013, so I left determined to find a city that, a priori, might seem the same in which I lived for several years; but in which something has changed forever. The work that a number of local pioneers began timidly, mostly from 2011, has begun to give results. And the beer scene of the city gradually begins to adopt new, alternative colours to the lifelong golden of its cañas.

Looking forward to observing this flourishing landscape with my own eyes, I identified in advance the leading places of this subtle change of this beer paradigm. From there I drew some nocturnal routes to adequately complement my workdays, and to fill my Spanish summer nights with content and beer.

The next three entries will review the itineraries I followed, the places visited and the main impressions collected during this intense and complete trip, which was a good way to update my beer knowledge of the city. But especially to have a good time.

Salut i birra!


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