Packaging #00 - Intro

For the present month, I thought of developing a series of mini posts: with a common background topic, and brief in content. While also looking for a certain degree of reflection, the idea was to make lighter publications: session posts, to give it an absurd name, in line with what we do with certain beers.

That's how this series of daily entries is born, with the idea to talk about different elements of packaging to be found in beers that are either bottled or canned, based on my own experiences -without seeking for oddities on the Internet-. And with a touch of humour. One could think there is not much to it, but believe me that there is really more than what it seems at fierst. Plus all these elements are potentially collectible.

In parallel, I will drop the occasional personal story, and will tease different collectives within our industry. Oh, and I will also laugh at myself, of course, as a diogenesian hoarder of beer-related items. We have all been through this, at some point or another. I hope you have fun!

To start with, tomorrow we will set the standard of packaging. A point from where to start this summer journey.

Salut i birra!

The entire series can be followed with the label Series-Packaging.


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