Packaging #12 - Wood-aged cap

At this point, it might seem that in the previous entries we have already covered all the possible caps to be found in a bottle of beer. But to think so would show a lack of knowledge and consideration to craft breweries, which always surprise us with novelties in every possible flank, such as a gadget that gives a touch of wood aging to bottled beer.

Yes, you read that right. It is a hard plastic cap that incorporates, on the inside part, a long piece that allows to 'infuse' your with wood flavour. In the case of the cap in the photo above, which is the only one I have found with similar characteristics, you can also choose from a range that includes American or French oak wood, and medium to strong roast. Just if you were wondering, the invention also exists in the form of cork caps, for wine, or in a wider hard plastic finish for spirits.

Its effectiveness? As a reusable cap it is correct, since once the beer bottle is open -with the recommended wire and small cap also removed- it can be closed again without problem. Its differential trait, the contribution of the wooden stick, is difficult to measure since I have not sampled the whole range, nor a beer that uses it previous to its contact with the cap. In this sense, I can only say with certainty that the beer I tried had a touch of wood, indeed.

I must admit that the first impression I had when I saw the cap was that Ikea had gone too far this time -those who have mounted a few shelves will understand- but far from being a Swedish invention the Oak Master caps are local, specifically from Moraira (Alacant). Will this, over time, be the most relevant contribution of our scene to craft?

Salut i birra!

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