Packaging #01 - Standard

Standard presentation for beer. Note: first and last time that these same six beers will be side-by-side.

To begin with, let's briefly review the baseline scenario. What we might call a 'normal' or 'standard' presentation for a beer.

When we drink bottled beer, what we usually find is a glass bottle ranging between 20 cl and 75 cl: either transparent, green, brown or almost black, with a label that provides some information and a metal top covered with a plastic or rubber inside part -previously cork-. The label -that can even be textured if they spend extra money... and allocate it back to the consumer, of course- is usually presented in one piece, or with a front label and another on the back. A small, additional one can be found in the collar, indicating that a brewery earns its dough.

Alternatively, we can find an aluminum can, which generally ranges between 25 cl and 50 cl of capacity, although most of them are 33 cl. The information on the label of a bottle is imprinted on the body of the can, and it has a ring that allows the lid to be pressed down so that the beer can be served through a more or less wide gap, depending on each case. Previously, this top hole had been especially narrow, and instead of pressing the lid down the ring was pulled up: a mess to serve it well in a glass, although the system was much more hygienic as no external elements were introduced on the inside.

From here on, we can find many variations and small elements, collectible in their vast majority, that cause the standard image that the average citizen has to blur with regard to what comprises a bottled or canned beer. We will review one variation every day, starting today. Want to join in?

Salut i birra!

To understand the motivation behind this series of posts, it is advisable to read the Introduction.


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