Packaging #05 - Hanging label

An interesting category of elements are those labels that accompany a bottle but, instead of being attached to it, are hanging with a thread or ribbon around the neck, with more or less taste and harmony with the whole set, depending on each case .

Hanging labels can be used as a complement or a substitute to the standard label. As a complement, its function is generally to provide additional data and information to those stated in the labels that are not easily removable from the packaging. Sometimes, beyond technical data, we find little stories, which always accompany with grace the act of drinking beer. Compulsive readers such as myself get easily turned on by this... especially if we collect breweriana.

But then there are situations in which the hanging label replaces the purpose of the conventional one: a temporary low cost solution for small batches of breweries that are just kicking off, or for lazy bones who do not own a labelling machine. Many of us have seen it. In this sense, I remember with fondness the first beers by Fábrica Maravillas that I found: it was 2011, I had just landed again in Madrid for an extended period after having lived there three years before, and I bought those bottles in the only beer shop of the moment, the now defunct Cervezorama. Beautiful memories.

The business variation, more appropriate for festivals or professional meetings, is to pierce the business card of the brewer or sales person and hang it from the bottle. Here's an idea. You are welcome.

Salut i birra!

To understand the motivation behind this series of posts, it is advisable to read the Introduction.


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