Packaging #03 - Adornments

Sorted by uncapping difficulty.

I was unsure about how to name this category. But since these are very different elements among them, with the only common aspect of having no practical use beyond decorating, 'adornments' seemed to fit more or less.

And what kind of elements fall into adornments? Especially, we find elements that wrap the top: from the easy-open plastic -that, we all know, sometimes it can lead to desperation- to glued aluminium foil. The latter are quite common in traditional breweries, and are constantly agressed by breweriana collectors who want to check whether or not the crown cap underneath is customised.

Alternatively there is the demon. Yes, the adornment that intoxicates the microbrewer while applying it, and which is responsible for more than one house keys bending: wax sealing. Its over application can delay the consumption of a bottle for a few minutes, while the potentiality of domestic accidents due to lack of skills, or annoyance, is also to be considered. Its usefulness to make the closure more airtight could be discussed, but in 99% of cases it is just a matter of image, to give importance to a beer. And to be able to raise its price accordingly.

An unusual element, but much more grateful than the previous ones, are the figurines. Every beer drinker with a certain trajectory will come across with Ayinger Celebrator's goat: a figurine hung with a thread that quickly and effortlessly becomes part of your breweriana collection. Specifically in the 'others' category.

Salut i birra!

To understand the motivation behind this series of posts, it is advisable to read the Introduction.


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